Cape Rey resort has fire pits to enjoy on your get away

Cape Rey Resort fire pits make a get away warm and cozy.

It was a guilty pleasure to spend a night away from home in the middle of the week. So close and yet so far away! I drove north from downtown San Diego for meetings and pulled into the Carlsbad Cape Rey resort before returning. What made it doubly sweet was that my beloved joined me for dinner and a romantic evening. Mixing up the schedule can be such fun and this mid-week get away had us smiling.
Cape Rey get away is across from the Carlsbad State Beach
The Cape Rey is set across from the beach on Pacific Highway 101 in Carlsbad but south of the busy downtown business district. From our room, I watched the sun set over the ocean and woke the next morning to admire a peachy sky as dawn broke. The resort is laid out to take advantage of the views and most rooms face the waves.
Beach view on a Carlsbad Cape Rey get away

A room with a view.

If I’d arrived earlier the kitchen would have gladly packed a picnic lunch and pointed out the best beach spot to enjoy it. What a beach it is too! When conditions are favorable surfers skim the waves. A State campground butts up to the strand and before leaving I watched dolphins surfing but they were camera shy.
Lobby alcoves for your Cape Rey get away
For those of us needing more luxury than camping offers, the Cape Rey has lots to offer. The wide entry is set with soft lighting and comfortable alcoves. Several bikes wait for riders near the front door. The large pool is poised for perfect afternoon sun-bathing. There are terraces to lounge on and several fire pits perfect for cozy conversations.
Morning set up inside Chandlers for your get away dining
Ferdinand inside Chandlers helped me get away

Ferdinando inside Chandlers

I especially enjoyed Chandler’s restaurant and bar. The decor is warm but not in the over-crowded style of many bar/restaurants. At dinner, we sat side-by-side in a cozy corner booth where we could people watch. There were locals and business clients in conversational clutches at tables and counters. The staff was cordial and genuinely seemed to like their jobs. I was able watch them interacting. How well everyone gets along speaks volumes about the management.

Starry night cocktail is perfect for a get away

The shimmering Starry Night Cocktail

I ordered a cocktail that actually shimmered. The ‘Starry Night’ is a blend of Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Viniq Liquer, Lemonade and Proseco. It was a mellow Martini, filled with a dancing Viniq mist that swirled in the Proseco bubbles.
Delicious bites for a get away

Breakfast, welcome gift and dinner bites at the Cape Rey Resort & Chandler’s Restaurant

Next we shared a plate of fresh Burrata Mozzarella with vine ripened Heirloom Tomatoes. It was artfully plated with arugula, grilled vegetables and asparagus spears.  A side of herb bread and cheese crusted cracker triangles made it almost a meal in itself. But we managed to finish that along with a Spinach Quinoa salad before our Wild Mushroom Pizza arrived. I have a weakness for wild mushrooms (see my previous post about hunting them locally) and this was a slice (well, three) of bliss. Just enough garlic Alfredo sauce was dotted with smoked Gouda, Beechwood and Oyster Mushrooms. I’ll exercise it off tomorrow, I told myself!
Morning came too soon and while I elected to work out in the gym and tour the Spa, my beloved soon headed out to his office. For breakfast we found that Teri, the Cape Rey chef, had filled the slim menu with traditional options alongside creative, light and healthy choices. We sipped a Healer Smoothie full of peaches, ginger, turmeric and pea protein (one of eight to choose from!) and shared the Farmer’s Sunrise Biscuit plate.
 Daylight shadows for my Cape Rey get awayThe sun was overhead before I pried myself away from the Cape Rey. On the ride home it was easy to smile. Romance, beauty, great food and drink – What’s not to love in a get away?
Disclosure: I was a guest of the Cape Rey Hilton Resort for my room and breakfast but as always opinions are my own.

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