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Are you a travel chameleon or have a tried and true style?  Knowing how you like to travel comes with experience. It took years for me to find my comfort zone, to discover what my deal breakers were and just how flexible I am (or not.) I hope some of these travel tips will help you shortcut that process to go far, often and enjoy traveling more than ever.

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Travel Preparations

One of the habits I’ve made is getting travel insurance for any trip that is a sizable length or expense, if family members are traveling with me or there are health issues that might lead to changing or canceling a trip. Having travel insurance makes me feel a bit more comfortable about heading out across the world.


One company that I’ve used is World Nomads. They make it easy to get coverage and are some of the most reasonably priced that I’ve seen. I’ve become an affiliate but it doesn’t influence my opinions or increase coverage costs for you. Also World Nomads contributes to the Positive Footprints organization, an alliance of e commerce businesses who fund community projects.

Here’s more about the Footprints Network:

Flytime Yoga: Your flight plan for stress free travelDrivetime Yoga CD and Flytime Yoga, stress free travel, trip wellness


The Flytime Yoga Travel Wallet with Booklet

Chosen as the Hot New Idea by Meetings & Conventions Magazine.  The booklet is 28 pages with small, easy, illustrated stretches to ease back, neck and shoulder aches. Avoid deep vein thrombosis with simple head to toe moves. Breathing techniques calm anxiety and frustration. Standing stretches for airport layovers & at your destination. Relieve fear of flying naturally with airplane Yoga.

Features: Lightweight, soft blue vinyl case. Pockets for ID/Passport and Boarding Pass/itinerary on left side. Booklet inserts into clear pocket on the right.

Customize the Wallet and Booklet for your sales team, tour operators! Private label imprints available. Contact me for orders: info@tripwellgal.com

Drivetime Yoga: Illustrated PDF, Two CD set or Audio book

Indie Excellence Award-winner for Best Audio

Safe and tested in a two CD set/book/MP3 audio each packed with small, simple and easy to follow techniques.  Includes tips on how to identify your driving style, road rage remedies, an ergonomic checklist and more. There are driver, stoplight, passenger and destination stretches galore. Arrive ready to play instead of cranky and stiff.

Makes a great gift for the commuter in your life. Contact: info@tripwellgal.com for orders.

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