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If you travel often, airport parking takes another layer of planning and expense to manage. That’s why I was tickled recently to discover that the new service, Flightcar, has landed in San Diego. They make it easy to park for free and if the car is rented during your absence, you make money back. As I’m in and out of SAN almost monthly, I decided to try it out.

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Here’s the Pros to using Flightcar:

  • Whenever I called either a real person picked up the phone or called me back within minutes.
  • After signing up I was sent a confirmation and reminder emails. They also sent directions to the drop-off site.
  • The San Diego location (on Harbor Island just north-west of the airport in the Consulate Hotel) is easy to get to and not affected by airport traffic.
  • The ride to the airport was included and was no longer than other shuttles from parking lots.
  • They sent a greeting before picking me up. As soon as I turned on my phone after landing there it was.
  • This was a great reason for me to deep-clean my car!
  • My car was washed before pick up too.
  • I was sent an email when the car was rented, who rented it and when they returned my car. Pictures before and after were available.
  • While I could’ve selected an immediate direct deposit, the check arrived the next week.
  • Whoever used my car was respectful and clean. It came back cleaner than I left it!
  • Inexpensive car rentals too. I’m definitely looking into renting from Flightcar the next time I need a car from the airport.

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The Cons to using Flightcar:

  • The car was returned with additional mileage, but not much for the few days it was rented.
  • I had to empty my car of all personal trappings. A minor but as I said previously, a helpful task for a car that’s been in the family for 8 years.

Would I use the service again?

Absolutely. If I had a brand new car I might reconsider but the 1 million dollar insurance policy per car makes it an easier choice. Flightcar only rents to members, who are pre-screened. A totally random stranger is not going to drive your car. It’s a car-sharing service with a twist and a creative, lucrative way to take the financial sting out of airport parking.

If you’re looking to save money on airport parking, find out if Flightcar is in your city.

Happy travels!