travel jobs can often have you sitting long on airplanes.Working on the road? Travel jobs can be blessings or the other side of the coin. Help yourself stay energized no matter where your work takes you. Too often we push through pain, discomfort and soldier on then wonder why we’re unexpectedly tired, keep getting sick, have a sudden muscle or back spasm.

Relief from the rigors of travel jobs is simpler than you may think.

It takes a bit of practice and begins with doing nothing!

  1. Take a few moments to simply breathe.
  2. Feel your feet and notice as you scan up to the top of your head. Look for tension.
  3. Notice where there’s tightness. Is it chronic or something new? Would a stretch help?
  4. Ask yourself what you need in that moment. It may be that you’re thirsty and thirst is a stressor. You may need to take a break and walk for five minutes, clearing your head and refreshing your perspective. That headache starting could be related to hunger, needing to find your glasses or?

What I’ve found over years of research is that stretching and breathing exercises help.

Do small stretches through out your journey and enjoy the adventure more.


We’re all extremely busy so taking time out, even a few minutes in a hectic day, especially when working travel jobs, can open up reservoirs of energy and insight. Become more present, clear your mind, ease chronic aches and find more energy simply, naturally and easily.

Airport layovers turn into opportunities to stretch and renew: From the NY Times:

You don’t need to have the space (or the courage) to do a full mat Yoga practice in the airport. Try the small, simple stretches and breath work from Flytime Yoga or Drivetime Yoga.

They also make a great gift for the traveler in your life whether they’re working travel jobs or travel for fun. Click on the Stress Free Travel tab above.