Nature teaches through the open and shut rhythms

Ever notice blossoms that are open in the morning and then their petals are wound closed at twilight? It’s their natural rhythm to open and shut. There are patterns, rhythms, cycles that go on constantly around us and through us. They are hard-wired into existence. Breathe in and out – action and rest – open and shut.

We lose touch so often, caught up in other rhythms. Man-made habits, learned-behavior patterns from our parents, who learned from theirs and so it goes on back through time. Farmers and gardeners know the rhythms that extend through seasons and cycles of weather. They too are susceptible to imposed patterns through market demands, new growing opportunities, hybridization and natural rhythms are sidelined.

Urban rhythms

For those of us living more urban lives, it takes intention to stay in touch with the earths’ ebb and flow of energy. It can be as simple as feeling your feet on the ground and imagining the touch of cool soil beneath the concrete, even floors below. Open a window and notice the difference in air flow. Watching the sun trace patterns on curtains, across floors, illuminating furniture, people, pets.

Just like that, simply and without complications, a flower opens and shuts. I invite you to find your own way of connecting with those natural rhythms. Make it a new daily pattern. If you’re out on the freeway, even during a grinding commute, lean into a sense of connection in the big river flowing forward. All those cars and drivers are connected like it or not. Tethered gently to something larger than your vehicle, find a different natural rhythm and breathe in knowing that it’s just fine. Open and shut.

Namaste, Elaine Masters, RYT

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