Freeways can be a blur with Southern California Traffic Conditions

Perhaps a long and winding road lies ahead of you? It may be a commute, a road trip, an errand even where you slip into habitual patterns and out of touch with what you’re feeling. You’ve got your snacks, water, music, etc. to keep you company. If your journey were a board game, there’s the starting point and the end point, but everything in between is where the fun lies. When you’re behind the wheel every trip can be a joy or a pain. There’s also discovery, if you entertain a beginners mind especially as a sensual driver. It can transform even the most boring errands into an adventure.

Beginners mind is a Yogic concept that transcends many philosophies and spiritual practices.

Approach right now as if you’d just been dropped onto the planet.

This is great fun with kids too. It can transform the mundane and bring you fully into the present. Try it for a few moments when rush hour’s trying your nerves or you’re enduring hours as a passenger.

Roll through each sense with a fresh perspective: Taste, touch, hear, smell and see as a sensual driver. Welcome a return to childlike wonder you thought long gone. Before you realize it you’ll be at your destination.