From Wanderlust & Lipstick to Passports with PurposeBethWhitman Wanderlust & Lipstick

Beth Whitman is a gal who turned her love of backpacking into a never-ending journey. She wrote the essential solo womens travel guide, Wanderlust & Lipstick, founded a premier website for solo traveling gals, leads group tours and has found time to co-found Passports with Purpose. I caught up with Beth at Blog World in Los Angeles. Today you can make a difference too.

Today marks the opening of the Passports with Purpose annual sweepstakes. It’s an exciting lineup of prizes gathered by  travel bloggers from around the world. Any donation (increments of $10) will help to build libraries in Zambia.

Last year a small village was constructed for some Passports with Purposeof the poorest of the poor in India. Mud huts that would melt in the annual monsoon were replaced by small brick homes. It’s especially remarkable because many of the proud, new owners are women in a country where most, especially from the ‘Untouchables’ caste, cannot own property.

Doing some of your holiday shopping online? Have some fun and give a gander at these Passports with Purpose. You’ll be doing some good on the other side of the globe.


Elaine J. Masters, travel writer, speaker, yoga teacher & trip wellness specialist.