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Miami’s flat terrain and balmy temperatures are perfect for biking. With such great weather, it’s no wonder so many locals step out of the gym and onto bikes for their two-wheeled exercise. Bike and beach paths make it easy to bicycle Miami.

Even if you’re new to the city, you don’t have to bike alone. Depending on your level of expertise you can join any one of several group rides a week, attend bicycling events and make the sport part of your vacation. If a long bike ride is a bit much, rent a Segway and bring the family along on a self-guided ride or sign up for a tour and follow the leader as you take in the sights. Wherever you stay in Miami bike paths are never far away.

Rent a bike or Segway

Bike Miami has a full event calendar, tours and programs. Whether you rent a bicycle or a Segway you can roll through South Beach’s oceanfront path or bike across the Venetian Islands. Stop and go at your leisure in the Miami Design District. It’s great exercise,you avoid traffic jams and reduce your carbon footprint. Choose from Miami River Tour, tours for early risers or sunset lovers and an Art Deco Tour. They also have an interactive Miami Bicycle Map showing some of the best routes.
Bicycle on the beach. Trip Wellness. Bicycle Miami.

Photo: J Vargas via Trover

Bike Share Stations

Bike share stations are popping up at locations across the Dayton Miami area. The program has 225 bikes available at stations in the downtown core. Visitors can get a $5 daily pass and memberships cost $30 a month. Pay with a credit card and track your course to pick up and drop off the bike at different points in the city.

Bike for the Arts

Composer, cornet player and band leader, Taylor Ho Bynum travels throughout Miami solely on bicycle. He performs solo concerts or with ensembles of area musicians, riding through Miami with his message about alternative creative expressions and modes of transportation. Follow his journey or scoot along with his peddling poets society when they present site-specific performances at parks and various spots around Downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

Critical Mass Rides in Miami

If you’ve been out on the last Friday of the month and a crazed cloud of bicyclists raced by you’ve likely witnessed a Critical Mass ride. Critical Mass been taking off all over the world as ‘municipally unsanctioned’ bike rides. In Miami celebrities have clicked on their helmets too. LeBron James of the Miami Kings has joined the CMass rides, telling a team mate, “This is bananas, critical mass, I love it.” Not for the squeamish, the groups tend to be large and rowdy, so it’s important to follow the guidelines if you decide to participate.

Be sure to follow the rules of the road whenever you bike Miami

  • Wear a helmet – Non-negotiable!
  • Be visible – Wear bright, reflective clothing
  • Be predictable – Stay alert and avoid swerving
  • Ride defensively and anticipate conflicts
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