Diving & Driving

Seasickness and Swimming with Sharks

The current or winds had pulled the buoys beneath the waves. It was getting late, so our Captain decided to cut the engine and drop the cage.

My first Galapagos Shark, luminous and almost ghostly in the dark blue, materialized on the side of the boat. Next we noticed fins slicing the surface near the engine.

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Elaine J. Masters

Elaine J. Masters, travel writer / tripwellgal on the road

Once we overcome the virus, the world will be waiting. Travelers know one thing - how to pivot and we will. We'll travel again and whether it's a short road trip or across the planet, I'll be here to help putting my years of travel to work. The Tripwellgal mission remains: to help us connect with our beautiful planet and each other with care and wonder. Stay in touch and happy travels!


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