eye stress relief with this simple exerciseDoes it feel like you’ve been on the computer or staring at some size monitor too darn much lately? That’s not to say I prefer the pen – writing via keyboard is great as fingers barely brush keys in the flow of word work. But there are  moments less exhilarating. Lately the speed that my computer loads and saves is testing my patience. At the end of the day my eyes feel strained and I need some stress relief.

A simple technique for eye stress relief

If you find yourself in that frustrating space, here’s a great way to use the time to your advantage: Close your eyes!

  1. Give your orbs a rest and do little circles with them closed, or just squeeze them open and shut a few times.
  2. Lift your chest as you breathe deeply, taking your hands off the keyboard, pulling your elbows down and back. I love to lift my chin as I slightly arch my back.
  3. If that feels good, exhale as you lower your chin towards your chest and pull your elbows together in front, as your forearms and palms meet.
  4. With your palms and forearms together,  exhale and gently lift them as your chin drops, then inhale pulling them down as your chin rises.

Repeat that a few times and you’ll have done your shoulders, back and eyes a favor, relieving stress and fatigue. Perhaps the file your were waiting for is now tucked away or the page is up in the meantime (which you made sweeter with chair stretches and stress relief!)

Enjoy the ride – wherever you are!

©2009 – Elaine Masters, RYT & Award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga