Elaine onboard, Living in the Age of Airplanes, Emirates. Come fly with me.

My business class cocoon. Come fly with me

I’ve been enjoying a book of travel short stories. I keep it in my car and whenever I have a little down time, I pull it out and indulge in fantasy travel. In the past couple of months I’ve been on Wellington Island in Patagonia, fishing off the shore of Lake Superior and in Gabon, the land of the ‘surfing’ hippos. It’s exhilarating and free of the exhaustion of actually getting to these places. However, a real life journey looms and I’m facing a 14 hour flight to New Zealand! It’s the plane trip that has my attention at the moment. That’s one long flight!

Time for Flytime Yoga – come fly with me!


How does a Drivetime Yogi manage? She does Flytime Yoga. For years, I’ve been stretching on planes, in security lines and at baggage claim in airports. When the flights got bumpy, I’d use breathing techniques to calm my nerves. Now, I’m ready to share this with you. Flytime Yoga is a travel wallet and booklet – a travel ease tool kit. I’ve seen other beautiful travel Yoga books, but you can’t find them on board and they’re heavy. This is lightweight and practical. On one side the vinyl wallet has 3 pockets for your id, passport, itinerary and boarding pass. The opposite pocket holds the Flytime Yoga illustrated booklet.

Tell a friend about Flytime Yoga – small simple stretches and breathing techniques to ease back aches, sore muscles and frayed nerves. “Come fly with me.”

P.S. If you have any suggestions on what not to miss (or to avoid) in New Zealand or Sydney environs (Toxic Cone Shell snails are already on the list!), please submit a comment below. Thanks! I’ll keep you posted.