“Change is the one constant,” a wise teacher once told me. It’s hard to accept but over time, I’ve seen the wisdom in those words and embraced change as much as I can. It’s made me a better mother, co-worker and traveler – opening my heart and spirit to the world and adventure instead of moving through days controlling and closed to change.

So what triggered all this?

I opened an email this morning from Bill and Joan Keller, the founders of Le Travel Store. They’ve been incredibly supportive over the years – hosting several of the San Diego Travel Well meetups in the store, Bill was a guest on my podcast and once, over lunch, he spoke to the group about traveling in China before he’d fully recovered from jet lag.

Bill and Joan ArrowHere’s their video: Au Revoir and Thanks for 37 Years

It’s hard to see a brick and mortar travel store close, especially one that’s independently owned. There are many reasons they’re selling the building. It can’t be an easy decision after running a store for decades, but they’re embracing constant change. It looks like their grandchildren will see more of them. The world will too as Bill and Joan set out to explore together without worrying about employees, clients, products, marketing, accounting and the myriad other parts of running a storefront business.

I wish them well and look forward to missives from the road.

Goodbye, Bill and Joan, and thanks for your years supporting and inspiring travelers. Thanks too for reminding me of that truth about constant change.