Stoplight Side StretchYoga techniques for countering the extreme stress of driving

Out on the road, whether we’re just driving to the office, running errands or on a cross-country trip, there are many factors that can have us stressed out. The stressors can get to anyone, experienced as well as new drivers. The typical causes of tension among drivers include traffic jams, aggressive driving by others, detours and inconsiderate parking. Many drivers also complain about the dangerous annoyance of others jumping stoplights or incessant turn signals from other cars. A recent study conducted by MIT and Audi, as reported by the New York Daily News, found that driving can be as stressful as sky diving.

Stress can have undesirable effects mentally, emotionally and physically. One way to combat it while on the road is by doing adapted yoga techniques for immediate relaxation and to release stress in problem areas such as the back, hips and shoulders. There are a dozens of yoga techniques which can be safely managed, even behind the wheel, and to add an incentive to these exercises consider making it into a little game of Drivetime Yoga Bingo.

A typical yoga bingo card can also serve as a checklist of the yoga techniques to work through in the car. There’s an interactive, online U.K. community who had fun with this game. Engaging the imagination and trying something new during a bruising commute or long drive can make the trip fly by and much more fun.

Print out your own Drivetime Yoga Bingo Card (Download sample below) and keep it on the dashboard as a reminder to not give into stress. Play it with your family and traveling companions. When a card is complete reward yourself with a healthy treat at the next rest stop or your destination, such as a pint of  Ben & Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt.

Remember to always drive safely while incorporating these suggestions for stress-free driving into your road trip.

Download a sample Drivetime Yoga Bingo Card here: Drivetime Yoga Bingo Card