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You can be the change and bring long-lasting disaster relief in the Philippines
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Linda Cruse didn’t set out to become a Humanitarian, but a sudden encounter with temporary blindness turned her perspective on life around. She realized how important it was to not just have a job for money, but to follow her heart, which had been metaphorically blinded by stress in an unfulfilling corporate position.

Today she uses her nursing skills and what she learned in that corporate job to become an acclaimed international liaison in disaster areas working with NGO’s and business leaders. The goal is to provide livelihood recovery and a “hand up not a hand out,”  she says.

When everyone else is running out, she runs in. Wherever there’s a disaster, from the post-tsunami Thailand, post earthquake-devastated Pakistan, high mountain nomadic areas to the storm ravaged islands of the Philippines, Linda pools her resources to create sustainable disaster relief, rebuild shattered lives, dignity and self-respect.

It takes a lot of help. Through relationships with some of the world’s most renowned and influential figures such as The Dalai Lama, HRH Prince Charles, Sir Richard Branson and with international companies, NGOs and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Linda has found effectiveness and fulfillment.

Linda CruseMany don’t know that she’s also a magician and has used those skills to dissolve conflict. Once Linda helped Winston Churchill’s granddaughter, Arabella Spencer-Churchill, bring a circus into a disaster area, and the medicine of laughter worked wonders.

Linda knows first hand that everyone has the ability to make a difference and be the change their heart desires.

Help with relief efforts after the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines : Be the Change in the Philippines   

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