There’s just one week left to help support the Passports with a Purpose build a village in India for the poorest of the poor. This video shows how one woman has made a huge difference.

Opus Prize Finalist – Helping the poorest of the poor

Donate $10 or more to help build a village in south India and you could be going to India with Indus Travels! Award-winning tour operator Indus Travels has generously donated a $500 gift certificate towards any of their tours as a prize for making a donation in the annual Passports with Purpose fund raising drive. To enter the contest, visit the Passports with Purpose website and make a donation, which will go to Land for Tillers’ Freedom (LAFTI), a non-profit organization that is focused on changing the conditions of the Dalit caste or India’s “untouchables.” 

Created by four Seattle-based travel bloggers who act on the power of travel to make change, Passports with Purposes goal is to raise $50,000 to build a village in Tamil Nadu, India through the Friends of LAFTI Foundation. Passports with Purpose will begin on November 15 and end on December 13. Many travel bloggers are participating in this fund raiser, and there are loads of great prizes to be won. See the Passports with Purpose website for the complete list.

The San Diego Company, Catalina Offshore Products, has donated a huge Sushi Party Kit towards the effort. There are many prizes to bid on. Select yours today and truly make this a happy holiday in your heart and the lives of those in need.

Thank you,

Elaine Masters,