shoulder pain, tech neck

Below is a simple technique to help lengthen muscles that tightened as you lean forward at your computer or over the steering wheel.

Taming tech neck: After juggling holiday errands and events, I found myself back at the computer with a vengeance. Do you ever find yourself sitting there and suddenly realize how your shoulders and neck are screaming? So here’s a technique to help counter the forward thrust that many of us hold our heads and necks in, whether in front of the monitor or the steering wheel.

This is not a technique to do while driving! Try it out at a stoplight or right now at your desk.  

  1. Place both palms on the flat area below your sternum.
  2. Press down gently as you slowly lift your chin. Hold for a few breaths.  Give it at least 30 seconds to let  your muscles melt.
  3. Next move your palms and press down gently on the left side, over your heart, as you pull your chin up and towards the right. Hold and breathe.
  4. Finally repeat the press on the right side as you pull your chin up and to the left. Keep breathing!

Another simple technique:

Head twist: Be gentle with yourself and hold your shoulders steady as you twist your head, leading with your chin to look over your right shoulder. Hold and breathe for a few seconds.

Gently release and twist to the other side. Hold and breathe.

Repeat 15 times minimum to get the most benefits.

Return to center, take a big breath and let your shoulders melt, knowing that you’ve done something great for your body. Little stretches throughout your day can make a big difference and keep you free from tech neck.


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