car emergencyIt’s not doomsday paranoia – it’s preparedness. Emergency supplies need to be a part of every family and in the car. After the fires swept close to my apartment a few years ago in San Diego, I learned the hard way how ill-prepared I was for an emergency.

It took nearly 12 hours to pack the car – my small compact – because the things I valued most were scattered in closets, bookcases, scrapbooks, under beds throughout the 4 small rooms I called home. It pains me to think what would be involved if that were to happen today since I’m living in a blended family . house. Looks like I have more work to do.

The article that spurred this post is from Allstate.

Everyone can gather 4 things to keep on hand ‘just in case’.

  1. Fuel
  2. No-Cook Foods
  3. Light sources with batteries
  4. Water

My list also includes a hand crank radio / flashlight that I found online. I also scribble a date on the gallon jugs of water that I store. It’s a good idea to rotate them every 3 – 6 months, especially if you live in a warm climate. Keep the water fresh and free from leeching.

Here’s more about what to carry in your car for earthquake preparedness should you ever get stranded. Be sure to check with the FEMA website for more detailed information for a variety of emergencies.

Take care of yourself,  your loved ones (and that includes your pets) whatever comes your way. Once you’ve got a corner of your closet or garage stocked with supplies and an emergency backpack in your trunk, rest easy knowing that you’ve done all you can and then relax. Life is good.


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