sydney aquarium

On our last morning of the 11 day trip, we decided to stay close to the hotel. I was intrigued by the monorail and convinced the group to ride it over to the Sydney Aquarium. Little did I realize that the Aquarium was only a short walk away! But the ride was pleasant and we quickly disembarked at the Harbor.

The Sydney Aquarium

The Aquarium was the closest I was going to get to an experience of the Great Barrier Reef on this trip. Unlike stateside aquariums that I’ve visited, here were huge, sea water holding areas, where you could get close to large pelagics. They  swirled and fed over and under us as we walked through long translucent tubes. My favorites tied. The Duodongs feeding on lettuce were adorable and one gigantic Manta took my breath away as it purposefully glided past.

The great barrier reef tanks were somewhat anti-climatic except for the soundtrack of dramatic classical music that matched the majesty of the diversity just on the other side of the glass. How I look forward to dodging bubbles off the Gold Coast one day.

Outside the Aquarium there were many diversions and beautiful architecture to explore but we had a plane to catch and walked back to our hotel to pack.

In the car we amazingly  found the cross town tube and arrived early to check in for our flight. Another contrast – there were fewer rental cars than in America, which made getting in and out much easier, even at this major international airport, .

Homeward bound and another contrast: United Airlines versus Air New Zealand. I’ve been flying for decades and it’s no news that American companies are struggling to stay airborne. There was no hardship on United but it was certainly a bare bones trip in terms of entertainment options and food. No bother. We planned to sleep most of the 13 hours home. My heart tweaked however when I walked on board and the flight staff seemed so beleaguered. Perhaps they’d had some bad news just prior, or had been called in before resting up, but it was a stark difference from the other flights on the trip. I hope it was anomaly.

Thank you to the stewards for giving me feedback on the Flytime Yoga booklet and encouraging me to get it to travelers quickly. If you’d like to explore some of the techniques that kept us from arriving twisted and cranky from the overnight trip, check out the Flytime Yoga Passport Wallet and Booklet.

Goodbye Sydney and down under Hello home. What a wonderful journey.