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Photo by Bret Love, Green Global Travel

Finite: Adjective


1. Having bounds or limits; not infinite; measurable.

As a Westerner, living in a finite world is a concept we’re adjusting to on so many levels. In the United States, believing in  ‘Manifest Destiny,’ that we have been divinely decreed to grow from sea to sea and keep growing, is ingrained in us beginning with elementary school history lessons.

Earlier, as toddlers, we start grappling with the fact that ME is not the center of the universe. We learn that Me stops and with time, even self-interested compassion dawns with awareness of the world and our place in it. The time has come for us as a species to grow up too. In this instance I’m talking about the world outside our continent and one species in particular that needs our help – Rhinos.



2. Mathematics. Not infinite. Not zero.

I live in San Diego where we recently said goodbye to a quiet creature. One fifth of his species perished when he died. One of only 5 White Rhinos remaining on the planet, Angalifu’s 44 years ended naturally. He died peacefully. Guarded, nourished, and cared for, he’d spent his final years in captivity.

Just One Rhino, Trip Wellness

Photo courtesy Susan Portnoy_The Insatiable Traveler

His end would’ve come much sooner in his natural habitat. Decades of civil war, poaching, violence and greed, would have likely terminated his life brutally. Today a Rhino is killed every 7 hours in South Africa. It’s estimated they will all be gone in less than 20 years if we don’t do something about it.

Disgraced, Anagalifu’s carcass would have joined thousands of others, left without their horns, rotting and alone save for carrion birds and scavengers. Why? Their horns are coveted in Asia based on mistaken beliefs and unsubstantiated herbal benefits.

Just One Rhino, Trip Wellness

Photo courtesy Susan Portnoy_The Insatiable Traveler



3. Noun: something that is finite.

There’s hope for Rhinos still struggling to survive in the wild but only if we put our compassion to work. It’s not just a celebrity issue. It’s not them, us or we, it’s you who can make a difference.

Very real work: Travelers Building Change is working with Just One Rhino, together they are focused on translocating 100 from South Africa to Botswana and protect them from the relentless and tragic rise in poaching. They need only raise about $45,000 to make it happen and 100% of the money raised is being used for just that. You can read more here.

You must make a donation soon. The campaign ends on March 1st. Your support comes with much more than a pat on the back. You can win dozens of cool prizes.

Just One Rhino Donor Prizes:

International Expeditions-  http://www.ietravel.com/
10-day Galapagos Voyage for one. Value $5,298
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Adventure Life- www.adventure-life.com

South Africa Big Five Safari: Kruger & KwaZulu-Natal + Swag Bag for 2 people. Value $5000
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– Secret Retreats- www.secret-retreats.com

  • Vouchers for 2 people at Bali Jiwa Villain in Bali, Indonesia.  Value $1,000
  • (2) Vouchers for 2 people at The Scent Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. Total Value $3000 ($1,500 for each 2-person package)
  • Vouchers for 2 people at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong, Cambodia. Value $900
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Other prizes include:
  • eBag Luggage
  • WeWOOD Watches
  • Dinner/Brunch Cruises
  • 2 nights in an Italian Villa
  • 2 Tours in India
  • ExOfficio Gift Certificate
  • 2 nights Renaissance Asheville
  • Travel Blog Success Lifetime Membership
  • African Elephant Photo Pack
  • HDR Timelapse Video Camera w/Lens
  • Blogger Mentorship Package from Green Global Travel

Prizes will be announced on World Wildlife Day, March 3rd.



5. Subject to limitations or conditions, as of space, time, circumstances, or the laws of nature.

We don’t have to take extinction as the final inevitability. Take action now. Together we can save 100 Rhinos and help them live long, healthy lives on their own continent. With your help, we can raise $45,000 and save #JustOneRhino. Tell your friends!

Just One Rhino, Trip Wellness