changi airport departureIt’s just not true – traveling over the holidays doesn’t have to mean long lines, delayed flights and frustration. With a bit of gumption you can get away and enjoy the time off – even during traditional vacation times.

1. Get home for Christmas and avoid the crowds? Travel on Christmas Day. Arrive in time for a toast and the day-after sales!The same can be said for Thanksgiving and whatever holiday is generally favored in your country.

2. Extend your trip into the dead weeks, those just after a major holiday. You may have to endure crowds on the way out but can revel in quiet airports and shorter ques the days directly after.

3. Try something new and go globe-hopping. If you’re not set on your destination look for discounts in unexpected places. The world outside of the U. S. doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving week. You might find cheaper rates at hotels and for services abroad as well.

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