Imagine arriving after a long flight feeling great. It is possible by listening to your body, doing small, targeted stretches and calming breath work on the way. Here are posts packed with flying tips to help you arrive ready to play, ready to work.

There are many more that you can carry on easily in the Flytime Yoga booklet with it’s own passport wallet to hold your ID and papers all together.

Empowering Strategies – Making the most of a flight delay

Just a few of dozens of strategies to make your time delayed work for you.


Techniques to reduce stress and pain at the airport and when driving

A few simple ways you can feel better and enjoy traveling more.


Airport Stress Busting – November, 2010

Here’s a Traveling Yogi’s suggestions for stress busting once you’ve survived airport security.


How to get through security lines this travel season – November, 2010

With crowds at the airports this season waiting any way to reduce time spent shuffling through long lines helps reduce stress. Here are some suggestions from the people making the regulations.


Flexible Fliers: Airport and airplane stretches – May, 2010

Enjoy relief from shoulder, neck and back pain en route! Simple, targeted stretches and breath work will help you arrive ready to play, ready to work. These small flying tips can really make a difference.


On luggage, travel and attitude – September, 2010

You’ve just landed after a long trip.  No matter if it’s business travel or a vacation, there are always choice points on how to handle your return.