airport concourse changiA few years back I was on a World Airways midnight flight to the east coast. We were waiting in a LAX side terminal when the steward announced that the flight was overbooked. Nirvana for the wise and the flexible. However, we had people driving some distance to pick us up at the New Jersey airport and opted to stay put. Big mistake. The trip to the East Coast was the first leg of a 3 month jaunt around the world. Perhaps it was fatigue that kept us stuck in our little economy seats but sadly we discovered that if we’d volunteered to be bumped, the upgrades could’ve gotten us across the Atlantic for free.

Today there are strategies for the wise (and the time-flexible). The systems change often but with a little diligence you’ll become a frequent flyer master within months. Here’s a guide to earning free travel: Unconventional Guides Frequent Flyer Mastery

Frequent Flyer Master

Elaine Masters, RYT, Trip Wellness Specialist and award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga.