Do you notice the fresh New Year energy? The sense that time is shiny and new. I’m so there. The opportunity for a fresh start is so enticing.

Last year New Year started at my desk. I took advantage of the opportunity for a do-over and cleared the clutter. I was ruthless. If the notes and papers hadn’t moved in months, out they went. It was invigorating. My workspace, usually piled with notes and lists, stacks of paper and notebooks, was clear and clean.  I could revel in the cool surfaces that hadn’t seen the light of day in months! It felt so good to have space – open, organized space again. Now I can do my office stretches easily.  I’ve regained the sense that I’m master of my little universe, rather than subject to it.

A few weeks later? Some of the old stacks of paper and to-do lists returned, but I remembered the feeling, the fresh start and this year I’m doing it again. My resolution is to repeat the ritual every quarter and that’s do-able.

Where else can I start fresh? I’m cleaning out my car. It’s a relatively small step as it’s my one clutter free zone, however this New Year, I’m doing some deep cleaning. Everything’s coming out of the trunk.  I’m re-organizing my first aid kit, recycling with fresh bottles of water and finally retiring my worn out Thomas Guide. I have lettering on my back window and its all being replaced. This year with the new emphasis on travel wellness, I’ll be a rolling reminder to take care of your most important vehicle – yourself, first.

Trip wellness is mindfulness in motion. As you move through the world, so much suffering can be avoided and life better lived with breath and stretching throughout your  day. I need the reminder as much as anyone. Isn’t there an adage that you teach what you most need to learn?

It’s time for a fresh start. Don’t squander the fresh New Year energy!

Copyright 2011, Elaine Masters, RYT, speaker, award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga. Books, audio & travel ease products at