Peter Daams is from Australia and travels often to stay in touch with members of the travel community that he co-founded. I had a chance to visit with the co-founder of and talk about how he came to build it. He is also a new father and speaks about the joys and challenges of traveling with young kids.

Creating TravellersPoint:

Peter and his brother grew up as sons of missionaries and lived around the world before embarking on their own careers. Wanting to track down old travel mates and stay in touch, led to creating an international destination site with forums, accommodations, blogs and services to help travelers at every stage of their journey.

The site also features discussions and travel tips, packing suggestions and all that travelers may need to make their journeys a success. Travellerspoint has been mentioned and recommended by BBC World, The Guardian, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, and many others.  In 2004, it was named the “Best Online-Only Agency” by Travelmole in their annual Travel & Tourism Web Awards, winning out over Travelocity and Opodo.

As I’ve looked at other travel aggregate sites it seems that the social aspects of Travellerspoint have much to offer, especially for anyone interested in traveling beyond America. There are some resources and interviews with veteran travelers but they were last updated in 2014. The same with Seafaring and Food sections. The posts about destinations are more current.

Create your map

One of the most innovative aspects for the community is the chance to create maps of where you’ve traveled. Planning and free Wiki Travel Guides are available on the site as well.

Travellerspoint appears to be a robust (but slightly dated site) and forum for the international community whether you’re traveling from Australia or America.

Elaine J. Masters

Travel writer, co-host of San Diego Travel Massive.