Get out while you can.Gassing up on the Arizona Highway

Last week I took a short road trip with a friend. It was great having company and I was doing my little stretches while driving on the way. We stopped briefly about an hour down the road and while I jumped out to stretch and use the facilities, she was happy to sit and wait. Not one to ever pass up a chance to stretch and move, I was incredulous and within minutes persuaded her to get out while she can.

Before getting back on the freeway, both of us were laughing. We ended up doing a few back stretches, neck rolls and lunges while pushing against the car. We reached up and over to the side, then swung our arms from right to left in little circles  – all while standing. Perhaps it was my imagination but other people in the rest area started stretching more too!

I’ve found this phenomenon when I talk with someone about stretching through the day. Picture a networking meeting. Almost unconsciously, my partner in a conversation, who could have been a total stranger just minutes before, starts rolling their shoulder, or tilting their neck! There’s an unconscious desire that kicks in when we let it – manners be damned! Our bodies know what to do when we release the socialization a bit and check in.

So take a moment and do something good for yourself. You may be busy, or just want to settle in for a nap, but I guarantee that even a few mild stretches will lift your spirits and keep you flexible. Stand up and move. Lean, wiggle or lunge. Twist a few times. Step out of the car and stretch. Get out while you can!

With a rolling namaste, Elaine Masters, RYT, speaker & award winning author of Drivetime Yoga,  books and cds.