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Grounding spontaneously

How out of balance is a life where just a few days with friends in a beautiful place seems indulgent and lazy?! That was my state when I left on Thanksgiving morning for Santa Fe, New Mexico. Grounding and balance were the last things on my mind. However my misguided guilt faded as strangers kept sending me a message through unexpected encounters: in a sudden conversation with the man sitting next to me on the plane out, a comment while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, and one morning before breakfast when my host cradled my face and whispered, ‘Stop doing so much’!

I offer that to you as well. Here we are with holiday and New Years events, expectations and demands ramping up. Be the spirit of the season in little ways and take care of yourself so you’ll have more to give. Perhaps that means doing more Yoga regularly, stretching and opening up to full breaths more often through out your day, resting longer and more deeply. My practice now includes tuning in often and living discernment as each day unfolds into the next.

Three simple grounding tips:

Start with a few moments and remind yourself over the next few days.

  1. Breathe deeply and consciously for a few minutes – don’t do, just breathe!
  2. Open up tto what’s present whether you’re going across town or across the planet
  3. Stand still and feel your feet. Notice where you’re making contact with the earth.

Santa Fe? What bliss!d We had cool weather, sunny skies one day that turned to light snowfall the next; the annual holiday lighting ceremony in the Plaza on the 27th, the joy of green chili sauce on everything, soaking at 10,000 Waves under boughs dripping from the steam, the blessing of walking in the footsteps of the ancient Pueblo people at Bandelier National Monument. Over-doing it? Perhaps, but in the grace of each hour, it was perfect.

I hope your holiday was perfect as well and wonder: What kind of grounding do you practice to stay balanced while traveling during the holidays?