The Happy Planet Index – Finding long, happy and fulfilled lives in an uncertain world

It seems recently that many feel our planet, country, neighborhood, business…insert your own choice, is in a downward spiral and the future looks bleak.STeam Powered Giraffe Band

What if just the opposite were true?

“In an age of uncertainty, society globally needs a new compass to set it on a path of real progress. The Happy Planet Index (HPI) provides that compass by measuring what truly matters to us – our well-being in terms of long, happy and meaningful lives – and what matters to the planet – our rate of resource consumption.” Excerpted from the Second Annual Happy Planet Index

There may be a new ‘industrial’ evolution afoot and emerging into view. Perhaps we will find bliss and well being in a new manner, in a less consumptive society. Ancient Vedic teachings discuss three aspects of creation: Rajas, Tamas and Satva. They reflect, and I am grossly paraphrasing, the necessity of having growth, break down and sustaining energies in continual flux. Before we, as a planet, can perhaps find our way through to a new sustenance, we need this uncomfortable period of diminishment of the old patterns.

The only way forward is through. So let’s find the play along the way. It’s part of the reason I find travel so compelling. It’s a chance to see and experience how others are putting their lives together and creating very different ways of doing things.

Steampowered Giraffe

Steampowered Giraffe Singer

Another positive phenomenon in this time of change is the rise of the Steam Punk Aesthetic. I’m new to exploring this in relation to the theme of reuse and create anew. Here’s  a picture of three young, gentlemen from the San Diego Group, Steam Powered Giraffe. They’ve found a way to reach into the past, apply a talent for theatrics and pantomime, great vocals and old licks into a unique and very entertaining ‘new’ entertainment.

Artists have often been the visionaries leading the way. Perhaps this is one, small side road on the path to more happiness in a world reeling from uncertainty.

Sincerely, Elaine J. Masters, 2011 – Speaker, writer and award-winning author of Drivetime