Yikes! The weather! I just drove from business meetings in Arizona. We drove and drove, buffeted by the wind and rain, for 7 hours. I kept focused on holiday joy and put my Drivetime Yoga to good use.

I am so grateful to be still and home. It’s not often the Californians are reminded that winter weather can impact our plans and expectations. We’ve forgotten how to cope. I hear the same refrain:  “I’m grateful for the rain but…”

A delay of a few hours is nothing compared to discovering that your flight home’s been canceled due to tons of snow piling up at the gates as so many holiday travelers have. The rain is nothing compared to sitting huddled in a frigid home because of downed power lines, as my family in Marin has. The rain is nothing if we are still able to connect with those we’ve been so looking forward to seeing.

If nothing else, the rain is washing the earth, the air and forcing us to culture a little more flexibility. Looking ahead – all the moisture means that the wildflowers are going to fantastic in the desert this spring and just perhaps, our longstanding drought is on its way out.

I know how heart broken I’ll be if I miss Christmas morning with my nephew and family, but knowing that we’re all well – if even just sitting in an airport until it’s safe to take off, is a lot to be grateful for.

May you find holiday joy however you get there.

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