couple drivingSo much to be grateful for this time of year!

Planning a road trip over the Thanksgiving holiday? Over the past few years gasoline prices have spiked in anticipation of crowded holiday highways. Here in California we’ve been given a gift -the average price per gallon has fallen, according to the Automobile Association. The Energy Information Administration is forecasting that prices will continue to decline nationwide through to the end of the year.

Which means more cars out on the road for holiday travels. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Travel tips for holiday travels: ( I could give you dozens but you’ve got enough to remember with getting away and all. These are my top suggestions).

  • Fuel up the day before Thanksgiving or earlier.
  • Leave plenty of time to get to your destination – travel before 9am or after 7pm for less crowded roads.
  • Be sure to bring extra water along for the ride – and sip it! This helps your body deal with stress better.
  • Carry enough water for everyone in the car.
  • Avoid over-caffeinated or super-sugared drinks – they may make it harder to handle stressful traffic or weather.
  • Use Drivetime Yoga to help you release stress, avoid back pain from sitting and arrive feeling relaxed.

Airline companies are reporting a bigger jump than anticipated in sales this year.

Surprisingly, Alaska Airlines has reported that Hurricane Sandy hasn’t dented flight capacity in the last month and that even the month of October showed about 8.5% increase in sales. Hawaii has been seeing more visitors in the last few months as well, reporting that sales were up over 14% this fall.

Tips for holiday fliers: (Again I can give you scads but these are at the top of my list)

  • Give yourself lots of lead time for packing, getting your home and pets ready.
  • Exercise well in the days before going on a long flight.
  • Bring a baggie or two of nuts/dried fruit/dates and perhaps some cut veggies to help you keep from reaching for expedient snacks that you may regret eating or getting stressed from being overly hungry.
  • Drink lots of water – airplanes have low humidity and getting up to use the bathroom will help you stretch out cramped muscles.
  • Do Flytime Yoga on the way!

Elaine J. Masters

Travel writer, co-host of San Diego Travel Massive.

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