HomeopathyIf you’re on the road and your travel buddy gets sick, things can get complicated. Sadly, I’ve often discovered that the little arsenal of herbs and remedies in my carry on were missing a vital supplement that could kick the bug. When I’m at home, strategically taking Wellness Formula capsules or tincture usually sidetracks most infections. Away from home, it’s not as easy to fend off sickness. When out for the day and away from lodging and luggage, it can be hours before there’s a chance to take supplements. Carrying bottles of liquids or pills can be messy and make an already heavy day pack or purse more burdensome when working on fighting infections naturally.

Recently while traveling in Mexico, my partner and I spent days exploring the dry expanse of the ancient city of Teothihucan. The heat, jumbled sleep patterns and unusual diet, all took their toll on our systems. Soon my partner was fighting a cold and a few days later my throat began to get sore. Luckily I was carrying  a small bottle of immune booster in my day pack.

I’m a big fan of Homeopathic remedies. They don’t affect blood pressure, cause drowsiness or light headedness, and, once you’ve found the correct one, can be very effective and quick. On this trip I tried Cold Eeze – a simple remedy that is supposed to work fast and shorten colds. The light weight bottle was easy to carry and as a spray, there was nothing to spill or measure. The Cherry flavor was very mild and on my next trip, I look forward to trying the Mint.

Most Homeopathic remedies work best if taken at first signs of sickness. In my case, after using the spray the sore throat disappeared and my partner? One day with a runny nose was the worst of it.

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