Eye strain is no fun at any time but in particular when you’re away from home and on the road. Travel is always challenging and mostly in a good way but stressing your eyes can turn a good trip bad.

I wear contacts and depend on them or glasses to navigate the world. Contact lenses keep me free from glasses when I’m diving or playing sports. I always travel with at least one spare pair. Whenever in a non-English speaking country, I make sure to have contact lens cleaning solution packed. It’s no fun to be running around looking for it when I can’t read labels, it may be more expensive than that available at home, and I’d rather be out enjoying my travels.

The same can be said for traveling with an extra pair of glasses. There’s been so many sob stories about lost glasses, specs falling overboard or being left in hotel rooms. Again finding a replacement would be expensive – in time and money.

Eye strain is a part of our digital world. Whether you spend hours watching a TV show on your cell phone or on your laptop, your eyes can be the worst for it. Make sure to take breaks and get up to move around (good for your body) and to blink (good for your vision.)

Pack a small bottle of eye drops and keep that in easy reach too.

Ready for more tips to help you avoid eye strain?

Here’s a short video of several easy ways to keep your eyes healthy and avoid eye strain.

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Happy travels.