Airport escalator. tripwellness

With airports more crowded than ever any way to reduce time spent shuffling through long lines helps to lower travel stress.

TSA suggests joining the Pre-Check program. It will help you get through lines quickly, you won’t have to take your shoes off, remove your laptop from the bag or take off your jacket. Scooting through ahead of the crowd also sets you up for a more relaxed flight.

If you don’t get into the TSA airport security Pre-check program there are still options:
  • Wear shoes that slip on and off easily
  • Make sure your baggie with small sized liquids is within easy reach when you get to the scanner.
  • Have your carry-on unzipped so you can slip your computer and electronics out easily and replace them quickly.
  • Never bring a full water bottle or beverage with you. It’s a good lead to a pat-down or delay.
  • Have your pockets empty of change to avoid delays with scanners.
  • Remove heavy metal jewelry before you get to the line.
  • Tuck your ID and boarding passes away once you’re past the security check and before getting to the scanner.

Checking for security and baggage updates before you leave home can help you feel more secure as well. Each airline and international destination may have different requirements and weight or baggage limits.

Remember to use the breathing techinques and small, targeted stretches in the airport and on your way to your destination. Check out the Flytime Yoga passport wallet booklet.

Happy travels!