dovefencejtThere are moments that take your breath away. It might be while traveling, or perhaps a surprise vision in your backyard.

It can be the startling rise of the full moon cresting over a temple in Thailand, a hot air balloon floating over the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico or, as in this simple image – a dove in the desert, close and quiet in the afternoon light.

I came across this beauty one morning in Joshua Tree National Park. It was Christmastime and a big family reunion was underway. We’d rented an Airbnb house for the event.

Behind me, breakfast was being prepared. Sleepy heads were being roused. The noise and activity faded as soon as I looked up to see several birds on the back patio. They weren’t rare or all that colorful but pecked about in the yard between our familial scene and the desert opening beyond the fence. The one in the picture lingered a little longer and I stood admiring his composure.

Sometimes opening our eyes to a fresh perspective is all it takes.

Taking the time to see, to simply be may be all we need to feel more alive.

It can be the greatest gift, the simplest and priceless – no matter where we are.

Where are you reading this?

Lift your eyes from the screen, your computer, your phone. Take a breath and look with fresh eyes. There may be treasures in the ordinary just waiting for your discovery.

Look at the light falling on objects and people. That’s a connection to the natural world we can all savor. Light falling from a prison window has kept solitary confinement prisoners from falling apart. There’s simple joy in the moment, like spying the dove in the desert.