Tiger play

With thanks to Tambako the Jaguar at Flickr Creative Commons


While it was inspired by the think-tank over at Nickelodeon, why does the Worldwide Day of Play have to stop there? I understand how important it is to encourage kids to step away from their electronics and go out to play. Do we, as adults presumably, still need to get permission to go out and kick up our heels?

If you’re a traveler it may sound like all you do is play – but in reality travel takes time, focus and work to do well.

I spoke with a mother recently, Jocelyn Chapman, who traveled overseas with her 8 year old son. While mine is getting ready to graduate from high school, we still were able to commiserate on how traveling with kids can keep us active and how making friends is so much easier.

Jocelyn had the wisdom to pack a deflated soccer ball and a small pump. Whenever she and her son had the chance, they’d pump up the ball and run over to a park. Language was never a barrier. Her son learned how to play with kids who often didn’t speak English. She easily met their parents and friends. Together it led to invitations to birthday parties, family dinners, new friends young and old. They both learned lessons in compassion, patience (with each other mostly) and got lots of exercise.

So unpack your metaphorical soccer ball and get outside. It might not be the official Worldwide Day of Play, but what are you waiting for ?!