Roadside Fruit StandHeading out of the country? When you venture into a new place where the water, agriculture and cooking processes, air quality and cleanliness may be very different than back home, it’s important to take steps to safeguard your health and the quality of your trip.

Here’s a few tips for good health whether traveling for business or pleasure:

  • Drink only bottled water and check that the seal is intact. Drink 64 ounces a day to help your system flush out toxins and maintain regularity. Dispose of the plastic responsibly.
  • Avoid ice cubes unless you’re in a trusted venue.
  • Enjoy road food but watch for safe handling, for example: notice if meat is being stored right next to the cooking element where temperatures may encourage bacterial growth.
  • If you’re eating at a road stand, look to see if mothers and children also eat there. Local workers may have intestines of steel but when mothers feel safe, it’s a better bet for you.
  • Stick to familiar practices. If you do something at home, chances are that will work best on the road. Try to manage a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and exercise.
  • Carry a nasal saline solution (like Ocean or Neilmed) and use it at least every hour on a long flight and whenever traveling through higher elevations for several days. Rinsing your nose will help flush out bacteria and the saline prevents them from flourishing.
  • Follow government travel guidelines ( for vaccinations and carry immune boosting herbal supplements or tinctures. I travel with Wellness Formula tablets, Rescue Remedy homeopathic and aspirin/ibuprofen, plus a small bottle or packets of hand sanitizer.
  • It’s always a great idea to get more exercise and sleep in the week before you leave for a trip so your immune system will be better prepared to weather the coming challenges as you venture into the world.

There are a host of other tips that could be included but these are a solid starting place. As you become a seasoned traveler you’ll automatically find what works best for you and your family.

Enjoy the world!