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Used to be we were armchair travelers. There has to be a new term for those of us web-traveling. I stumbled on this inspiring site by Chris Guillebeau. A dedicated world traveler, his mission is to visit every country in the world by the time he’s 35. Great, but I wonder what’s the rush?!

He plans carefully, applies for visas but sometimes arrives without them, negotiates his way across borders and keeps going. He’s driven with clear goals.

He also takes care of himself on the way. As an avid jogger, he’s run through parks and median strips, across airport tarmacs and through dense urban jungles. As a more laissez-faire traveler, I admire his focus and discipline.

I grew up taking road trips and have visited many countries in the past few decades. It’s the wonder of new, the juxtaposition of self and strange, that’s so revealing. It’s the discoveries, chance exchanges, glimpses into new ways of being and for me – the joy of encountering other species whose daily adventures are nothing like mine.

Back to my featured world travel writer, Chris. Check out his site. If it resonates, join his ‘Army’ of adventurous world travelers living uncommon lives in unusual ways. It may be a monitor-only exploration for you now, but perhaps you’ll find what you need to kick out of the ordinary and into what really feeds you.

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The destination doesn’t matter, the juice is in the journey – Elaine Masters

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