Interview with Sherry Ott, Leader of Meet, Plan, Go –

Helping travelers create career breaks and long term travel

sherry ott

Sherry Ott didn’t plan on becoming a digital nomad and career break guru. She just couldn’t stop dreaming of escaping her nine to five job and finally found the gumption to travel internationally. What was a year long sabbatical turned into six years of adventure and a new career.

Today Sherry is the leader of Meet, Plan, Go an organization that helps people live extraordinary lives on the road and return to enhanced resumes as outstanding employees or entrepreneurs. MPG has hosts in ten cities across the North American continent who are setting up the big national event on October 16th. Expert travelers, bloggers, authors and industry pros are coming together to share their expertise and oversee break-out sessions in the one night event.MPG Ticket

The big event is keeping Sherry very busy and she speaks about how she became a nomad, a travel writer and co-founded Meet, Plan, Go.

Find out if MPG is happening near you.

The San Diego group hosted the first local event with seven experts speaking. They include:

  • Kathi Diamant – Working over seas
  • Justin Skeesuck – Traveling with disabilities
  • Lenore Greiner –  Frequent flier miles and budget transportation
  • Wayne Dunlap – Budgeting for long term travel
  • Brian Setzer – Budget travel, Health issues on the road
  • Jenny O’Connor – Voluntourism
  • Shelley Miller – Affordable lodging and Home Exchanges

By the end of the evening our guests had the path, resources and contacts to make their long term travel dreams come true.