Introduction: NaBloPoMo, It’s an improbable name for a promising project – blogging every single day in the month of November. I’ve taken on the challenge to offer more, find more and explore more tips related to traveling well. Fortunately, given enough sleep and limited distractions, words come easily to me. My goals are simple hopefully the results will be entertaining and helpful. Let me know what you think.

Justin Skeesuck, Expert and disabled traveler:

For most of us, moving through life is a simple task.

We get up in the morning, perhaps we exercise, create breakfast and get on with the day. For many others these simple tasks take more strategy and determination.

Today I am focusing on one such champion of determination, Justin Skeesuck. I was fortunate to meet Justin recently and be inspired by his mission, making life and travel more enjoyable for disabled travelers. He just launched a stellar site:

Fortunately for the 80 or so gathered, Justin was able to speak at the big career break and long term travel seminar put on by Meet, Plan, Go San Diego and he touched everyone’s hearts with his beauty and beautiful heart, his humor and mission. He started with a question: “Is anyone here getting older?” (laughter ensued) and continued with how we all either know someone who’s having some physical challenges or will one day have them ourselves. His mission is to help anyone with physical challenges plan and enjoy travel even to the other side of the planet.

I hope that you’ll check out his site and perhaps give a listen to the interview I did with him that originally aired on the Womens Radio Network.