Stretching in the airport before a long flight.

Elaine and friends in LAX stretching before a 13 hour flight to Fiji.

People often go cross-eyed when I tell them about doing Yoga in the car. They imagine arms and legs out the windows and sun roof! Not hardly. There are simple, very small moves that make a big difference. There are stretching tips and toning exercises you could be doing while you read this!

Resistance Tip #1: Use what you’ve got. It’s not always possible to stretch on the floor, so use whatever space you’re in. I often stretch at my desk, doing side stretches and spinal twists. Feels so good!

When standing, you can use the edge of a counter or table to push against and arch your back. At airports you can use the edge of the baggage claim carousel to do a few hip opening exercises while waiting for luggage. It takes only a moment to consider what might feel great right now and then discover a way to do it. There are many other suggestions in my Drivetime Yoga and Flytime Yoga books and CD’s.

Resistance #2: Confession: Sometimes I resist getting down on my Yoga mat. Life is just so full and my ‘to do’ list keeps getting longer, but then I reconsider and take a breath. When I think about it, stretches before I get out from under the covers, especially slow twists and then side stretches once I’m sitting on the side of the bed.

Getting down on the floor is another matter, especially when traveling. Remembering how great it feels and taking a moment of reconnection to the inner peace waiting to be experienced, and the inner arguments evaporate.

Once you’re committed to living a long, productive, flexible life, then do what you can, do your best and just do it.

The destination doesn’t matter, the juice is in the journey – Elaine Masters