Collaboration Kitchen in full swing at Catalina OP

Collaboration Kitchen in full swing with Carnitas Snack Shack chef and founder, Hanis Cavin

It’s a meal transported to another realm. In fact you sit inside a fish processing plant on folding chairs and eat from paper plates – but you’ll be giddy about it. Perhaps it’s the hilarious barbs traded between the fishmongers, Tommy Gomes and Dan Nattrass. More likely it’s the chance to be part of a cooking show, to see how some of the region’s best chefs work their magic, while eating insanely well. Some nights local vintners bring samples and if you’re lucky Andrea’s Truffles or Robin of Cupcakes Squared will be offering their best as well. No one goes home hungry.

Tommy Gomes, Dave Rudie and Rebecca Gardon smiling at Collaboration Kitchen

Part of the team: Collaboration Kitchen founder, Tommy Gomes, Catalina OP Owner Dave Rudie and Marketing Wizard, Rebecca Gardon

Held about ten times annually, there’s always a cause behind each chew. Collaboration Kitchen began seven years ago as an idea that Tommy Gomes, a fishmonger working at Catalina Offshore Products, took to his boss, Dave Rudie. It was a way to give back and offer great food while raising money for deserving causes. Monarch School, Just Volunteers and most recently Tim Johnson, local sushi chef suddenly in need of a kidney transplant, have been recipients. Tim discovered he needs a new kidney just days before Christmas. Here’s the link to his Go Fund Me campaign set up to help with medical expenses.

collaboration kitchen prep

With Tommy as emcee, laughter’s on the menu. You’ll meet fellow fans of great local food and be introduced to new menu ideas. Most importantly though is the chance to be part of something truly good. There are many foodie events throughout San Diego but Collaboration Kitchen is one unique sensation. Get on the Facebook notice list and reply quickly if you want to attend.

Dan Natrass talking about the Hiramasa starring at Collaboration Kitchen

Dan Nattrass talking about sustainable, farm-raised, Baja Seas’ Hiramasa 

Chef Anthony Pasquale of Saiko Sushi created this beauty for Collaboration Kitchen

Chef Anthony Pascale of Saiko Sushi created this beauty.

Su Mei grinds coconut at Collaboration Kitchen

Su-Mei Yu, of Saffron and PBS’ Savor San Diego, shows how the Thai grind coconut

Tommy and TV star, Sam the Cooking Guy

Tommy Gomes and one of the guest chefs, TV star, Sam the Cooking Guy

If you miss the tickets or don’t have the dough, but do have hard-working kitchen skills, there’s occasionally room on the volunteer team. Working all day behind the scenes, volunteers step into the limelight to be applauded along with the chefs at the end of each event.

Chef Logan at the grill inside the Catalina OP Fish Market

Chef Logan at the grill inside the Catalina OP Fish Market

About Collaboration Kitchen

Disclosure: I’ve been comped to Collaboration Kitchen for years as the Catalina OP owner is my guy, but all opinions, as always are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this vicarious meal and will share with your friends. These are pinable!

Dan Nattrass holds a crab at Collaboration Kitchen

Keiko preps at Collaboration Kitchen


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