Inside the Bunny Museum adults only gallery

Inside the Bunny Museum’s adults-only gallery

They’re cuddly and soft and come spring they pop up everywhere. Cottontails jump across parks, golf courses, along creek beds and turn up in pet shops. Candies and jellies sprout long ears and chocolate rabbits lose their heads regularly.

Bunnies are loved around the world and through antiquity. There are holidays, celebrations and cartoons full of bunnies. I once had a pet bunny. It grew into an armful and one day leaped out of my arms leaving tears and red tracks on my skin. Sometimes bunnies can be scary. Ask anyone who’s seen the cult classic, Donny Darko. That’s a unique bunny encounter if anything is! But around the world, there are collections, festivals, and celebrations of gentle bunny love.

Bunny encounter inside the Bunny Museum

Bunny encounter inside the Bunny Museum

1. The Bunny Museum

I didn’t expect to find the dark side of bunnies at the Bunny Museum in Pasadena, but spooky bunnies lurked in an adult-only gallery. That was one of over 35,000 surprises in the overflowing art gallery turned Bunny Temple. Love launched the collection in 1998 when Steve Lubanski gave his girlfriend a plush bunny for Valentines’ Day. They’ve been trading bunny gifts daily (!) ever since. Candace Frazee is happy to point out her first stuffed bunny. It’s lovingly displayed in one of many glass cases.

Rabbits are everywhere inside the two-story gallery – from the ceiling, arranged along the stairway, in glass cases, shelves, boxes, kitchen, and inside a room of plush bunnies arranged by color, a trio of leaping Lepus twitch their noses at guests.

Step Inside the Bunny Museum:

2. Bugs Bunny World

At Six Flags Magic Mountain the world’s largest fake tree marks the entrance to Bugs Bunny World. Here fantasy rides and fun is tailored for the youngest visitors to the death-defying, roller-coaster-heavy park. Bugs Bunny is just one of the Looney Tune characters in the kids’ area. Find out if you’re too big for the rides inside the unique Bunny World!

Easter eggs from the White House Egg Roll

Easter eggs from the White House Egg Roll

3. White House Easter Egg Roll

Each Monday after Easter the President of the US hosts a party for his littlest constituents. Since 1878 children have been rolling hard-boiled eggs on the White House lawn. Yes, this year, President Trump is hosting the party.

4. Visit a Unique Bunny Island in Japan

Hiding far from the mainland is a unique bunny playground with a dark history where more than 100,000 yearly visitors take boats to Bunny Island, Okunoshima. Feral bunnies, who descended from several abandoned on the island, flock to meet the passengers. They’re hungry. In fact, that hunger has decimated the natural flora and fauna of the island. Nevertheless, it has to be one of the most unique bunny experiences in the world. The island was far from cute in the late 1920’s when a poison gas factory churned out deadly war stock. At that time the island was hidden from the public and deleted from maps. Today there is a Poison Gas Museum on the island, one of many peace temples scattered across the country dedicated to remembering, and hopefully never repeating wartime atrocities.

5. Taste a Three Ton Chocolate Bunny in Brazil

The village of Novo Petropolis in Brazil transforms for Chocofest every year. In 2018 the village became the official ‘Capital of the Rabbit’ with a giant chocolate bunny created for the festival. In 2015 over 6,000 chocolate bars were melted into a three-ton bunny. The celebration is so popular that over 150,000 visitors swarmed the rides, booths, contests, and displays. How big will the unique bunny chocolate be this year?

6. Watch a Unique Bunny Competition Down Under

The Sydney Royal Rabbit Show is just one part of the party each Easter season. Over 250 bunnies compete annually. Love all animals? Then watch the contests, view the entries, and choose your favorite as you explore the Animal Walk.  

How much more of this can I take unique bunny signIf you enjoy unique bunny encounters I hope you get to visit one of these spots. Let me know if you encounter others and I’ll add them to the list!

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