Move more! Great report on NPR this morning about how 100 yrs. ago people got 5 times more exercise by just going through their daily lives. Obesity aside, our inactive modern lifestyles has created a risk to longevity.

Professor Bowman of Sydney University says that “physical inactivity is a  major risk factor for death and illness. It contributes to about 1/6th of heart and cardio vascular disease, about the same for diabetes, about 12% for falls in the elderly, and about a 10th for all breast cancer and colon cancer are attributable to being physically inactive.”

New trends are helping some:

Fitbit craze: wearing a wrist app that calculates how much you move and rest.

Standing desks: By standing to work core muscles are engaged more, leading to better back health and a score of health benefits.

Mall walking: It may be a necessity to walk indoors when winter weather makes getting outside difficult if not dangerous.

Paddleboarding: Another fitness craze that is fun, challenging and helps with balance, back health and cardio.

For many finding the time to get exercise seems to be the challenge. If you take after work hours to spend time at the gym but end up eating poorly, favoring prepared meals, processed and fast foods, the results will be anything but encouraging.

How can you move more and still get everything done?

Choice points: walk from the far end of the parking lot when getting groceries, stretch every half hour, do Yoga sun salutations every morning as a minimum. What can you work into your life consistently?

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