Jordan HoffmanI had a chance to talk with Jordan Hoffman recently and learned a lot about healthy travel. One of the most exciting things about travel is discovering the local cuisine and sampling new tastes. However if your immune system is already weak before you go and your digestion already challenged, it can lead to disaster.

Jordan talks about his world travels and how to stay healthy on the road, boost your immunity and avoid toxins. Listen to the interview here.

His love of travel began when he toured Europe after high school.  Next he spent a mind-blowing semester abroad in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia,  exploring the former Soviet Union and several years living in Japan.

The travels showed him how other people take care of themselves. As he wandered he had to take care of himself in new ways that were non-traditional and very different than his Western upbringing. When he came home the xperience turned his professional attention to Oriental medicine and the ages old practice of Acupuncture techniques. Since then as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Jordan maintains his popular practice in Los Angeles. He helps travelers stay healthy and enjoys reaching out to the local school communities by teaching students of all ages about nutrition and good eating habits.

Part of the joy of travel is trying new foods which also challenges your digestion. However you manage it, make sure to be healthy before you leave home. How do you make sure your digestion is happy when you travel? Do you have any healthy travel tips?

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