travel luggage and attitude. trip wellnessYou’ve just landed after a long trip. When you see your luggage sliding towards you at baggage claim, there’s a sense of relief. Perhaps then you feel anticipation for unpacking  the treasures you’ve collected from the trip or is there a sense of dread about the dirty laundry and the inevitable unpacking re-organization?

No matter if it’s business travel or a vacation, there are always choice points on how to handle your return and more than one kind of travel luggage.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Mind, Body, Spirit world post:

“You see the thing about the metaphor of luggage is we all carry some around with us. Life is one big journey, and within our luggage are all the things we choose to take with us. We may not feel sometimes like we have a choice about what we carry and, in one way of looking at it, we may not. However we can choose how we carry it. What I mean by that is – are we lugging around lots of dirty laundry, or are we carrying around some wonderful experiences that have helped us grow? “