There can be one moment when life changes.

Brain Coral and Christmas Tree worms

The moment you realize you’ve fallen in love.

The moment you answer the phone and fate crashes in through the earpiece.

The moment my baby was lifted out of his birthing bath and took his first snuffling breath.

The later moment when I lifted my suffocating son out of his bassinet and cleared his throat.

The moment after when he smiled at me.

The moment my father exhaled for the last time.

The moment the airplane wheels lift from the tarmac.

The moment you imagine your car crossing the center line into oncoming traffic – but it doesn’t.

The moment you, scuba diver, slip beneath the water in transition between worlds.

The moment you decide to make a positive difference in your life or another’s.

The moment you take the chance and walk away from what’s no longer working – relationship, job, home.

The moment you let go and surrender to the new, to the next moment.

There can be several or even one moment when life changes. Have you had one?