Mission Inn Holiday Lights opening up to the season and new year

This is a time of traditions and a time for opening up to what’s coming in the new year. Each of us grew up celebrating, or at least marking the end of the year and the ringing in of the new. Your year may have been full of change and shifting, news good and then difficult, jobs won and lost, friends, celebrities, leaders too. Often it’s been a challenge to find our footing – to stand firmly on the earth and feel like we’re home. It’s especially disconcerting when it feels like what or where is home keeps shifting. That’s where opening to what’s new can make a world of difference.

Recently Richard Branson published an iPhone application called: Flying Without Fear. Even that wizard of capitalism recognizes the need for calm. Many of us flying through our busy lives have been wracked by fears of the unknown – where will I live, where will I work, what am I really meant to do?? In the coming few weeks we may cling to the familiar where we can. I invite you to listen to that quiet (or not so!) tremor of fear and breathe into it.

One simple technique for opening up:
  • Right where you are now, sweep your arms out and up on a big breath.
  • Arch your back as you stretch your ribs forward lifting your chin.
  • Open your arms then lower them to your sides or place your hands on your thighs.
  • Curl your shoulders in gently and lower your chin towards your chest as you exhale.
  • Repeat this a few times to energize, open up your heart and welcome inspiration and joy.

‘And so I offer you this simple prayer’*: May you find the joys of home this holiday season, wherever you may be and with whomever you may share a bond of friendship and love. *quote from Bing Crosby’s White Christmas


Happy Holidays! Opening up. Breathe deeply, stretch often and live well.