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Mural by the late, revered Jorge Seleron in Rio de Janiero.

Whether you make it to Brazil for the World Cup Games or join the party closer to home, you can still party Brazil like a local. Cerveza? Perhaps, or even Caipirinha’s (the national cocktail) may lubricate your inhibitions, but knowing a bit about customs and perhaps a few choice phrases, will have you sounding like a local.

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Jadson Cacador

I discovered this wisdom while talking with Jadson Cacador, a Capoeria teacher from Salvador, one of Brazil’s largest cities. He moved to the U.S. with his wife and now teaches in Berkeley.


The small Party Brazil Phrasebook is wicked fun and covers the basics for anyone wanting to drop their tourist sheen and fit in. There are, of course, deep details on the current soccer line up for the big games but also chapters on ‘Futebol Arte,’ Party time practicalities ( ‘Hora da Festa’) and even pick-up lines in the chapter on love (O Amor Esta no Ar).

Numerous clever illustrations spice up the copy and keep the message light. The phrasebook is set up to help you pick up enough Portuguese phrases to make you sound and act like a local in any situation. Not only will you have a few slang phrases, you’ll learn how to save face and not many phrasebooks make that their goal.

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Bem Vindo Ao Brazil – Welcome to Brazil

Brazil is so much more than soccer, samba and carnival. It’s considered the fifth largest country in the world and the largest economy in South America. With so much going on and to explore, Jadson and his co-authors, have included chapters about the various urban cores.

But everything revolves around ‘the beautiful game’, futebol (soccer in the U.S.) and that’s his real focus. Jadson says that in Brazil, “Every kid dreams about being a soccer player; every adult wants their son to be one; and every grandparent is disappointed that their son wasn’t one.” So the stakes are high, especially this year with the world turning its eyes on the country.

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Safety concerns graze every traveler’s mind when venturing into new territories and visiting Brazil takes personal awareness, street smarts and trust to enjoy the best of the country. Jadson has a deep chapter on staying safe, fitting in and even some fashion advice that will of course, help you party like a Brazilian.


Disclosure: My only compensation for this review was a complementary copy of the phrasebook to use on my recent trip to Brazil. Any comments or opinions are my own.