Crazy drivers got you steaming? It’s tempting to become a venting driver.Venting driver and road rage

Alone in your car with the windows up, who can hear you? So you turn into a venting driver and start yelling with language that would curl a Mother’s toes. No one’s the wiser, so what’s the harm? A fellow commuter has been experimenting with venting in private. Release or revving up? Did it really let off steam?

Do you vent freely or even just think negatively towards the other driver? Consider switching to this technique instead of becoming a venting driver::

  • When you’re tempted to say: I hate my drive, I hate this road, that *##! driver. Find the moment before you get too wound up to change course. Mentally hit ‘CANCEL.’
  • Think: “Thank you for sharing” and replace the running commentary with a positive affirmation: I love my car, I’m so happy to be free and moving, I can do this, this situation is temporary, I’ll be home soon enough, etc.

If you can manage that simple switch you’ll find that the experience becomes vastly different energetically. The venting, even in private, keeps the negative emotions boiling (and you’re throat suffers too!)

It’s a neat trick. Our minds can’t hold two thoughts simultaneously (could make a delicious sci-fi screen play though…). Replacing one thought with another takes you into a whole different place.

Once Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was asked about negativity. He brought out a technique  for contending with it in our lives.  It came directly from the Yoga Sutras. The sutra is Ch. 2, V. 33 of the Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali, where he’s discussing the practice of meditation and yoga. The chapter is ‘On Practice’ and can be practical for venting drivers too.

“When these restraints and observances are inhibited by perverse thoughts, the opposite should be thought of.”

Don’t let the simplicity of it throw you off. It is extremely powerful and more than effective. When faced with negativity, think the opposite and while you may not find enlightenment behind the wheel, you will find grace.

Enjoy the ride!

Original copyright 2009.