Perking up my travel style with Maggies Magnets

See the little silver ball? Maggies travel style at work

Scarves, shawls and wraps are some of the best friends that a traveling gal can have. They’re lightweight, keep you warm on cold flights, can perk up an outfit, eliminating the need to pack and protect jewelry. They make you feel feminine when you just want to put the backpack down and dress up your travel style.

Maggies Magnets variations for your travel style

I have trouble with knotting long scarves. They wrap to keep me warm but can get tangled, lopsided, twisted and generally keep me fidgeting to set them right. Scarves can be pinned into place but then there are holes in fabrics and pins bend, break or stab. When I heard about Maggies fashion magnets, I thought it was worth trying out. Now I’m adding more scarves and sarongs to my summer suitcase and Maggies will help extend winter travel wardrobes.

Maggie's magnets ball and ring design to perk up your travel style

Maggies Magnets ball and ring in action

Enhance your travel style simply

The design is ingeniously simple. There’s a ring and a powerful ball magnet that fits inside.The ring sits in the front of the fabric and several layers can be secured together by setting the ball of the back with the layers between. What most surprised me is how strong that little magnet is. It’s not going anywhere unless you want it to.

Maggies magnets a travel secret to extend your wardrobe

I brought a couple of different sized Maggies on a trip to the tropics. One night I added a very light scarf to the top of a sleeveless shell. The magnet was hidden in folds of fabric, so the scarf floated around my neckline. Accessorized with a nice set of earrings, I didn’t need a necklace and felt perfectly elegant.

Maggies worked well on a cold evening out with a heavier shawl too. I used the larger button style. There are at least two sets in each box, and in this instance the silver button added a dash of extra bling. I was able to drape my scarf in a new way once and didn’t need to touch it until I took it off at home.

There’s only one thing I noticed about Maggies. When you pull them apart it takes a bit of a tug and the little ball can fly. That only happened on my first foray and now I know. Also Maggies should not be used by children. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical attention. They are not advised for pacemaker wearers.

I’m really looking forward to experimenting more with Maggies, gathering, pleating and tucking different outfits together to enhance my travel style whether I’m traveling or on the town near home.

Find out more and see videos of how to use Maggies. 

Disclosure: I was sent a complementary set of Maggies magnets but not compensated. All opinions are mine, as always.