Make a personal carbon offset by driving an efficient car.

It’s not without concern that I’ve had to drive a 4 hour road trip for teaching the past few days. There was no way to make a personal carbon offset. The cost of gas was a pinch, but I’ was also tweaked by the sense that there could be a better way to cover the 250 + mile journey. If the train were closer, I’d be on it in a heartbeat. Gratitude continues for the freedom to drive that I enjoy along with the tinge of guilt, knowing that my little Toyota’s contributing to global warming.

So, I’m entertaining a little carbon offset of my own – using more ‘gray water’ at home to water plants, recycling everything I can, remembering to bring my reusable bags into the grocery store, no more plastic wrap for my son’s lunch and on it goes. It’s a slim exchange but there’ll be more.

There. That feels better already.

Looking for more positive and trackable ways to set up your own personal carbon offset?
Consider working with the World Land Trust.
  1. Calculate your emissions – Every lifestyle has it’s impact. Use one of their carbon calculators: Flight, Transport, Household or Fixed Offset calculators.
  2. Reduce your emissions more. There are several websites with advice on how to reduce your emissions. Many are for the UK but still applicable in other countries.
  3. Unavoidable emissions and conservation projects – Consider those emissions that can’t be avoided and contribute to positive projects like forest conservation. Make recycling, green energy and travel improvements to offset emissions on your own.

What are you doing to create a personal carbon offset?